Hey, I’m Julie. Mom of 3, wife, and fitness enthusiast. My fitness journey began right after I had my first son, I was left feeling really down about what pregnancy had done to my body. I began working out, lifting weights, and cardio, and got in the best shape I had ever been in, then I got pregnant with my second.

I decided to continue working out through my pregnancy, I gained 10 lbs. less than I did with my first. But once again, I was left feeling really bad about my body. It wasn’t until I quit breastfeeding (at 13 months), that I started losing the weight. So finally, I was getting my body back into shape and seeing awesome results, but then got pregnant once again!

My third pregnancy was awesome, I continued to workout, didn’t gain as much weight, so I started working out as soon as I could. Which brings me to present day, I honestly thought I wouldn’t ever be happy with my postpartum body, which is really sad. So my journey has been more than physical, I have mentally accepted and am extremely happy with the way my body looks and feels. I want to encourage others to feel the same.