Oh, You’re a Coach?

Okay, let me preface by saying, writing this has me swallowing my pride and stepping way outside my comfort zone, but hey, what great thing has ever come from a comfort zone?

This is going to be my ‘coming out’ post, coming out as a fitness coach that is. I’ll start by telling you about my ever-evolving fitness journey. After, Barrett was born (my third baby), I hopped right back into my routine of working out while the older two entertained themselves (for the most part). But I was quickly slapped in the face with a crying baby who needed me and liked to sleep ON his mommy only. Which is totally fine, I love the cuddles and know they will end all too soon. So with B only sleeping when I was feeding or laying with him, in my bed, I faced the struggle on figuring out how exactly to get my workout in.

I have a gym in my garage, so I can’t just have the gym daycare watch him. I couldn’t workout while he was asleep, because he slept in my bed and would roll off if I wasn’t right there. So my only option was to take him out in the garage with me. However, that only lasted so long before he was ready to do something else. So what’s a mom to do?

Cue the awesome coach that reaches out every month to join a fitness group. Honestly, I had never had an interest in an at-home video workout, I mean I have a gym in my garage. But the more she reached out, the more I realized how nice it would be to have that community and accountability. And it was the answer to my workout woes, I could workout right next to the bed while the baby slept!

So how does someone go from lifting (heavy) weights to doing an at-home workout with no equipment? Well honestly, I’ve always looked at these workouts as a joke, want to lose weight? Lift. Want to ‘tone up’? Lift. Want abs/booty/quads? Lift. Boy, did I eat my words. I chose to finally do the workout program I did, because I was left with lower back pain from Diastasis Recti (separation of abdominal muscles), and wanted to take a break from the weights and focus on strengthening my core.

I did 30 days of this core intense program, and let me tell you, it was intense. It was an MMA style workout and a lot of push-ups were involved. I can’t believe the definition in my core, insane, especially after only being nine months postpartum with my third baby. Also, pull-ups are something I struggle at, and I was seeing my push-ups progress with this program and decided to go test my strength. I did 4 pull-ups, that’s double what I was doing before (P.S. I know that’s not a lot but they are freaking hard!).

30 days of Core De Force

So besides the program itself, the thing that made me fall in love was the community and the accountability to show up every single day. If my motivation was running low, I knew when I checked-in and had to put 0 for my workout, I would feel disappointed in myself. Also, I’m super competitive, not in a mean way, but a way that I will push myself that much more to try and “win”.

When I started this program, I thought I was just going to do a month and be done, but I’m so thrilled it’s just the beginning of an awesome opportunity for me. I’ve toggled for a couple weeks now, on actually becoming a coach or not, all because of the fear of judgement. The fear of becoming a stereotype, “Oh just another SAHM, trying to sell us something”. But you know what? I don’t really care what those judgy Judy’s think, this is just a tool for my fitness journey and tool to use toward my business and brand.

So to sum this up, this is my WHY I decided to become a coach. I found the missing piece in my fitness journey- community/accountability. I want to help people feel like they’re apart of something when starting their health and fitness journey. I don’t want people to feel alone, when motivation runs low. I want moms to know they don’t have to sacrifice time with their kids in order to fit. But at the same time, know that it’s okay to take care of yourself.

If you’re interested in joining me in a fitness group please comment below or find me on Facebook!

“Well why the heck not?”

2 thoughts on “Oh, You’re a Coach?

  1. Megan Gray

    So proud of you Julie! You will love being a coach! It’s so empowering to know your helping other women achieve their goals alongside your own! ❤️💪🏼You’ll do great 👍


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