I Create My Own Luck


How many times have you thought “Wow! She is so lucky to have a body like that!”, or “I wish I was lucky enough to win that dream job”, or even “They are so lucky to live in that beautiful home.”? I know I have been guilty of this, but what if I told you luck had nothing to do with it.

If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me.

Often times, we look at people’s lives and think they have it made and it looks so easy for them. But that is just an outsider’s perspective, you don’t see all the preparation it took for her to get that amazing body or all the extra hours she put in, to get that job. In The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy, he lays out the formula for luck and I couldn’t agree more.

Preparation + Attitude + Opportunity + Action = Luck


I like to think of this as self-development. What are you doing to reach your goals? Are the choices you make everyday helping or hurting you? This is probably the most important, and you will be preparing yourself until the opportunity comes along.


Attitude is your mindset. Do you believe in yourself?  If you want to read more about the importance of Words of Affirmation, read this post.


God sends something your way. Be ready! If an opportunity arises and your mindset isn’t right, chances are it will blow right over your head without you even realizing!


It’s up to you to take action. If opportunity arises, take action immediately. You’ve been waiting for the perfect time, well this is it, go for it!


So if you can create your own luck whats holding you back?

Circumstances. People often get caught up in excuses, in their circumstances, and can’t see that they are the ones putting a halt to their own success. For example, one thing I hear all the time from people around me, is how they want to eat healthy. Time and time again, I have personally sent them resources, recipes, and even pictures of the food, for them to tell me they just “don’t have enough time to cook.” You don’t have enough time, or is your mindset just not right? Time is just a circumstance, you can make time for anything. If you don’t have enough time to cook, meal prep on the weekends or mornings. If you want to start working out, but always say you’re “too busy” with kids, that’s just a circumstance. Take the kids with you, most gyms have childcare. If you can’t afford to go to the gym, the internet is full of at-home workouts, some that even include your kids!

Determination will trump any circumstance, every time. If your mindset is right and you are determined to lose weight, or be a more successful at work, it will happen! You just have to keep going, keep pushing, waiting for that one opportunity to arise and then crush your goals.

What are some things you can work on to create your own “luck”? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

24 thoughts on “I Create My Own Luck

  1. Mamaguru

    I completely agree with you! I make my own luck by consistent small steps towards my goal. It doesn’t seem like much at the time, but my effort does pay off in the end.


  2. kage2015

    Husband and I was just having this conversation. Someone we went to school with told him how lucky he was to have the great paying job he has. His response was. No it wasn’t luck. I went to school, earned a masters degree and worked my way up over the last 34 years. Plus he retired from the Air Force so we have that income. We planned and worked hard to be where are at today. We made our own luck.


  3. maryamkabir

    Really good post. I was the type of person that used to wait for better circumstances in order to give my best or accept opportunities. For example, if I was offered a job somewhere I’d say “I don’t have a car and I can’t take a taxi to this place every day, I’ll wait when I have a car”. I was wasting my time. Now that I realize that I regret all the opportunities I didn’t take


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